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On the upper level of Azur and open all year round are our sea-view restaurant Teddy's Cocktail Bar & Diner and balcony, serving great quality, freshly cooked food, using local produce and suppliers wherever possible. We are proud to say that our staff are ‘World Host’ trained, to provide you with outstanding customer service. The award winning Azur restaurant is also available for private hire for your special occasion or function.

Teddy's Diner Menu


  • Chicken wings in a choice of your marinade - Mexican orange, pier pier, BBQ or plain with a chive sour cream dip 6.00
  • Mac n cheese - macaroni pasta and a creamy white cheese sauce, topped with grated cheddar and baked to order 5.50
  • Pulled pork nachos - crispy tortilla chips layered with slow cooked pulled pork, salsa, guacamole and sour cream 7.50
  • Garlic bread 4.50
  • Cheesy garlic bread 5.50

Main Courses

  • Jim Beam half rack of BBQ ribs served with skin-on-fries and coleslaw 14.00
  • Jim Beam full rack of BBQ ribs served with skin-on-fries and coleslaw 25.00
  • 8oz rib eye steak served with cherry vine tomatoes, skin-on-fries and a sauce of your choice 19.50
  • Steak sauces - Peppercorn, blue cheese or ranch mayo
  • Blackened cajun salmon fillet - fresh salmon fillet cooked in cajun spices served with skin-on-fries, salsa and vine tomatoes 18.00
  • Teddy's original chilli and rice - our very own recipe, served with rice and topped with cheese and sour sauce 9.50
  • Fish and chips - Budweiser and BBQ battered cod served with chunky or skin-on-fries 11.50
  • 6oz burger - Teddy's signature homemade burger, Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion serviced with skin-on-fries 12.95
  • Add bacon for 0.50
  • Chilli burger - Teddy's signature cheeseburger topped with chilli served with skin-on-fries 14.50
  • Butter milk chicken burger - Louisiana style spices server with skin-on-fries 12.50
  • Pulled pork burger - Coca Cola and BBQ braised pork shoulder topped with house slaw served with skin-on-fries 12.50
  • Grilled halloumi and roasted red pepper burger served with skin-on-fries 12.50
  • A dressed classic frankfurter hot dog topped with crispy shredded onion served with skin-on-fries 12.50
  • Chilli dog topped with homemade chilli and cheese 12.50
  • Mexican jackfruit lentil stew (v) southwest Indian jackfruit, slow cooked with red lentils, roasted cauliflower and sweet potatoes 10.50
  • Vegan chilli and rice - vegan mince with red kidney beans in chilli spices 9.50


  • Meat platter - 2 beef sliders, eight single ribs, four chicken wings, two blackened Cobs, onion rings, chimichuri slaw & skin-on-fries 25.00
  • Fish platter - a selection of king prawns cooked in chilli and coriander butter, Fried breaded scampi, cod goujons, cob, onion rings, skin-on-fries and tartar slaw 30.00
  • Vegetarian platter - onion rings, cobs, six falafel bites, sweet potato wedges, artichoke hearts, grilled aubergines, roasted red pepper & slaw 20.00


  • Blackened sweetcorn cob 3.50
  • Mixed Salad 3.50
  • House slaw - a blend of South American spices 2.50
  • Piri piri slaw 2.50
  • Chimichuri slaw 2.50
  • Sweet potatoes wedges 3.00
  • Onion rings 3.50
  • House roll - warm giant cob roll 2.50
  • Chunky fries or skin-on-fries 3.00
  • Cheesy chunky fries or skin-on-fries 3.50
  • Dirty fries - pulled pork and cheese 5.00


  • Chocolate fudge brownie served with toasted marshmallow and fresh cream 6.00
  • Hot baked salted caramel cookie pie and chocolate ice cream 6.00
  • Apple pie with warm toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream 6.00
  • New York cheesecake topped with fresh strawberry compote and popping candy 6.00

Teddy's Sundae's

  • Candy Floss Sundae
    Toffee popcorn, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, candy floss - pink or blue, toffee sauce, wafers and squirt cream
  • Banoffee Sundae
    Bananas, vanilla ice cream, toffee sauce, squirt cream, cherries on top
  • Chocolate Brownie Sundae
    Vanilla and chocolate ice cream, brownie pieces, chocolate sauce, squirty cream
Teddy's Kids Menu

Main Courses

  • Cod Goujons with fries and peas 5.50
  • Teddy's burger with fries 5.50
  • Nachos - Cheese, salsa or chilli 5.50
  • Chicken fillet bites with fries and peas 5.50
  • Mac n Cheese (traditional macaroni and cheese) with fries 5.50


  • Ice cream
    Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate
  • Marshmallows with a warm chocolate sauce 3.00
  • Warm chocolate brownie with Ice cream 3.00
Teddys Cocktail Menu

Expresso Martini

  • Vodka Absolut, Kahala, sugar syrup, expresso shot 8.50


  • Bacardi, soda, mint leaves, freshly squeezed lime juice, sugar cubes, served with crushed ice 8.50


  • Citrus vodka, cranberry juice, Cointreau, freshly squeezed lime juice 8.50

White Russian

  • Vodka, Kahlua, whipping cream 8.50
Snack Attack! Teddy's light bite menu served until 6 pm

All day breakfast sub

  • 2 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, mushrooms and sliced tomatoes

Teddy’s steak n cheese sub

  • Sirloin steak, monetary jack cheese and fried onions topped with mustard and tomato sauce

Pastrami, chorizo and red onion sub

  • Sliced pastrami, chorizo and red onion topped with monetary jack cheese 6.50

Chili chicken cheese sub

  • Sliced chicken, chilli jam, sliced peppers topped with monetary jack cheese 6.50

Vegi sub

  • 3 vegetarian sausages, red onion jam topped with monetary jack cheese 5.95
  • House burger 5.95
  • House hotdog 4.95
  • House chicken burger 5.50
  • Loaded nachos (Served with pulled pork or chili) 6.50
  • Halloumi burger 6.00
  • Add skinny or chunky fries for 3.00
Chefs Choices from our new menu (Due to launch 8 June 2019) **NEW**


Antipasti cold meats & olives for 2

  • Chorizo, pastrami, parma ham, olive breads and freshly marinated olives

Cheese and pate board for 2

  • Cheese, pate, chutney, grapes, celery served with a mini french stick

King prawn tempura

  • With a mixed leaf salad and lime mayo 7.95

Seafood martini

  • Freshly marinated king prawns, crayfish, £6.95 mussels, cockles, squid, baby octopus, prawns with a mixed leaf salad, chilli Marie rose sauce, served with crusty bread 6.95


  • Meatballs Home baked in a rich spiced tomato sauce topped with mozzarella 5.50

Goats cheese & red onion tartlet

  • Served on a bed of mixed leaf & balsamic glaze 5.95


Meatball linguine

  • Home made tomato creole topped with mozzarella 8.95

Seafood linguine

  • Home made tomato creole with premium seafood 11.95

Roasted vegetable linguine (VG, GF)

  • Roasted vegetables in a rich home baked tomato creole 8.95

Cajun chicken

  • Whole chicken breast marinated, served with house salad, lime salsa and skinny fries 10.50

Cajun chicken and chrorizo

  • Skewered served on a bed of mixed leaf & roasted peppers served with skinny fries and naan bread 14.50

Cauliflower steak (VG)

  • Steak of cauliflower, marinated in spices topped with avocado puree, vegan cheese, served with house salad and skinny fries 11.50

Pan seared sea bass

  • Served with crushed garlic new potatoes, diced tomatoes, topped with a dill hollandaise sauce 15.95

Seaboard salad

  • Freshly marinated premium seafood served with crusty bread 12.95

Chick pea and spinach curry (VG)

  • Served with rice, pompadums and mango chutney 10.50


  • Mixed Berry creme brulee with shortbread biscuits 5.50
  • Warm pecan tart with ice cream 6.00
  • Knickerbocker glory with mixed ice creams, fresh fruit topped with cream, toasted almonds and strawberries 7.50
  • NEW Dishes
  • Mouthwatering food
  • Delicious Cocktails
  • And more
  • Coffee
  • Sundaes
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